Friday, September 24

{Chelsea Friday}

It's unbelievable to me that exactly a week ago I was walking the streets of SoHo chowing down on chocolate + bacon (That's right! A chocolate bar with bacon inside!) & sipping on honeysuckle tea while window shopping. The next day I headed over to Chelsea to go to the appropriately named Chelsea Market. You must stop by the next time you're in NYC. It's filled with clothing stores & food shops. They have an incredible fish market where I noshed on some crab legs & spicy tuna rolls. Yum! {sigh} Wow. I wish I could be there now. On the bright side, it's the weekend! Happy Friday, everyone!

{photos by Street Hanger}

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Lumo said...

Chelsea Market is lovely, I visited there last year. Then it was all food stores.

Hope the clothing stores don't overtake it totally, loved it as food market.