Tuesday, September 28

{the future-perfect}

These are scenes of a home I will one day live in:
a pair of colorful but comfy sandals next to my favorite (and matching) poof, a bold wallpaper backdrop on a crisp white couch, gold figurines & stenciled walls, & a monkey who keeps me at peace.

Saturday, September 25

Friday, September 24

{Chelsea Friday}

It's unbelievable to me that exactly a week ago I was walking the streets of SoHo chowing down on chocolate + bacon (That's right! A chocolate bar with bacon inside!) & sipping on honeysuckle tea while window shopping. The next day I headed over to Chelsea to go to the appropriately named Chelsea Market. You must stop by the next time you're in NYC. It's filled with clothing stores & food shops. They have an incredible fish market where I noshed on some crab legs & spicy tuna rolls. Yum! {sigh} Wow. I wish I could be there now. On the bright side, it's the weekend! Happy Friday, everyone!

{photos by Street Hanger}

Thursday, September 23

{blurred vision}

Cool shirt by a cool guy, Hector Sos. I'm sure Britney & Gaga would agree!

{Lookin' Good Garbage}

Your trash can be pretty too.
TRASH: anycoloryoulike is a public art project for urban beautification and environmental awareness. This eco-friendly project uses these gorgeous & colorful trash bags to transform your garbage into pretty piles to toss out. The project was developed by an ingenious artist Adrian Kondratowicz.

Wednesday, September 22

{Vanessa Likes Venessa}

We share (almost) the same name & we both adore colorful jewels. Venessa Arizaga's collection of jewelry are all inspired by her travels around the world from Peru to Mexico. She's also a stylist to the stars & has worked with some big name designers so no wonder the styling on these shoots are impeccable.


Wishin' I was a kid again.
I love this picture of Romp building cubes.
They would have held my attention for hours.

{color boards}

Color splashes to organize & decorate your home by Matthias Ries design office.

Tuesday, September 21

{yay ban.do}

Got this amazing photo in my e-mail today! It's a celebration (obviously!) of the wonderfully creative ban.do shop appearing in the premiere issue of Rue Magazine. Check out both! Ban.do is all hair pieces made with glitter, sparkles, feathers, & colors! Rue Magazine is so cool! Pages of architecture, knick knacks, artists, & beautiful photos. You have to check out ban.do's spread. So fun!

{sail away}

{upside down pretty}

Inverted plants. Interesting.

{A House of Color}

Housewares that brighten up any home. Errands can be...tedious. Why not make them a bit more joyful with these Alice Supply Co. cleaning products! They make all kinds of supplies: buckets, brooms, garden tools, trash bags! Who would have thought all you needed was colorful striped to make a plunger cute?!

{neon, neon}

...neon lining adds a pop of fun to funky bowls & cups.

Thursday, September 16

{ta ta & goodbye}

My long awaited trip to New York City is finally here. I am leaving tomorrow morning & the blog will have a tiny break until Monday. I will have far too many pictures to post come next week which I can't wait to show off. Street hanging at it's finest in NYC. And of course plenty of photos of envious food I'll be sinking my teeth into. Enjoy your weekend! See you soon! xo, Street Hanger

{Fashion Week}

Prints-a-Plenty at the Milly by Michelle Smith show.

{baubles & trinkets}

It's a bit difficult to describe what you're seeing. I tried to edit what I think are the best pieces to describe what Denise Julia Reytan does. Simply alliterated, colorful controlled chaos. The first photo is an installation of her desktop! She grabs inspiration from baubles & knick knacks. My favorite though are the necklaces. She describes her jewelry as "poetry on the body." I couldn't agree more.

{office space}

This office! Where do I begin?! The basics: It is the offices of DLA Piper designed by Dutch architecture firm Hofman Dujardin. Now the color isn't just a pretty way to fashion a rainbow in the work place. It is a very thoughtful design idea. The colors of each side of the office depend on which way the sun flows into the space. The side of the building that receives the most sunlight has cooler tones, while the side that receives the least is compensated with warm tones.  Fascinating design that would make me want to head to work every day!

{via 2modern}

Wednesday, September 15

{Fashion Week}

Serious stripes on the marc by marc jacobs runway...

{gold gold gold}

...glam golds...

{trendy thread}

...thread spun & spun until gorgeous necklaces have manifested...


I love everything I post on Street Hanger. That's why I post it in the first place. But when I stumbled on Joshua Petker's work I was truly inspired and amazed. Yes, it's simple & colorful. But his paintings remind me of myself. I am not simple by any means. But that's where the colors come in. Simple lines, blurred lines, but chaotic color. Blending, smudging, a bit messy. Much like myself.

Tuesday, September 14

{shapely design}

I wish I had this creative capacity to invent such incredible & truly unique works of art. Joon & Jung are the masterminds behind these pieces. Their conceptual product design studio is based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Their designs tell a story. My favorites? The umbrella cloud. An umbrella in the shape of a cloud. Genius! The cups that are adhered to each other. Their name: "Too Sad to Separate". And the eggs. A healthy breakfast? Not unless you want to swallow a light fixture. The protein-packed yolks are actually lights. Close the carton and you have a lamp! So cool!  

{light my fire}

Light a flame with these beautifully designed matches from iomoi. I've been fascinated by knick knacks that are darling to display, but not too practical to use. It's the spender in me, I suppose.

{Fashion Week}

Ice blues & bright reds from Monique Lhuillier.

{Fashion Week}

It's Fashion Week!
I am loving so many designers' work! I'll post a few colorful collections today.
This floral set is from the ever quirky & imperfectly perfect Betsey Johnson.

Friday, September 10

{goodbye home}

I need one of these lovely weekend bags to pack my things & hit the road.


In one week I'll be in my home away from home: New York City. I haven't been there in a year, but this trip I have plenty of family visits & binge eating planned. So this acrylic necklace by plastique has me very excited for my much needed vacation.