Saturday, July 31

{Little Bunny Fifi}

Fifi Lapin's bunny illustrations

{happy feet}

...ballet slippers, a tutu, rows of colorful pumps...
{pictures from Joyce Jiayi}

{For the Love of Chandeliers}

Loving these chandeliers dripping with jewels.

{homey stripes}

I've been posting plenty of stripes on Street Hanger. They're slimming, right? Maybe that's why. These striped pieces add a pop of color & slims the rest of your decor.
Like the home stripes: pillows, Lisbet Friis; clothes boxes, IKEA; lamp, Zero; fabric, IKEA; mix bowl, emmo

Sunday, July 25

{La Boca}

...a spot on the world I hope to soon visit...
La Boca, Argentina

"La boca" means mouth in Spanish which orginated from its location on the mouth of the Riachuelo River. The town is famous for its colorful community. The vibrant scenery dates far back when the poor residents would use left over paint from painting boats to paint their homes. There was never enough for an entire house so this eclectic city turned into a multi-colored waterfront. {photo by Andrew Gibson}

{Men of Color}

vibrant Tuk Tuk ties & belts to add to a man's ensemble

Saturday, July 24


It's FINALLY up!
I'm launching a shop out of Street Hanger to get your hands (or fingers) on some WiRings!
They are funky rings made out of pliable wire. Very bold & very fun!
Shop Street Hanger's WiRings HERE!

Thursday, July 22

{mona et june}

Blocked colors & subtle florals by mona et june. These ladies know how to make a summer dress of ease. I want to pair these with gold bangles, a big floppy sun hat, & sparkly ballet slippers. Best part about these soft dresses is their price!

{strictly stripes}

...stripes & color jump out at you in these beautiful Chris Cook designs...

{lighten the mood}

Loving the dim lighting & earthy feel of these Gray Pants lamps.

Wednesday, July 21

{So Clutch}

This ring of clutches are all by Alia Michele Bags. I couldn't choose my favorite so I posted them all! I'm in love with the chiffon frayed purses. The jeweled bracelet handles of the bright blue and silver clutches are a two-for-one beauty.

Tuesday, July 20

{Coco Yum}

It may not fit the category of fashion, but this coconut ice certainly fits the design bill.
Find the recipe for these delicious blocks of color right here.
{via Jane Wang}

{Dara's Design}

If you need to time away from the office & the home, away from gray paved streets, and black & white scenery, there's a place waiting to add some much needed vibrancy (to say the least) in your life...Phuket, Thailand. Head to the Dara Hotel for an instant jolt of color. Everywhere you turn are neons, pastels, primaries! Kick your shoes off and melt into the crayola box of luxury. What color crayon are you? What color would you like to be?

Sunday, July 18

{Teeny Tiny Treasures}

Jewelry by Nest Pretty Things Kids are teeny tiny treasures to keep little girls sparkling.
I love the sweet candy styling of these photos.
Moms deserve the same loveliness...All their jewelry comes in adult sizes too!

{Forget Me Knots}

{Kiel Mead's rings} 


{Ampersands galore}
Like the &s: Necklace, GwenDelicious; Bag, Alphabet Bags; Cufflinks, Veer; Print, The Wheat Field; Balloon Ampersand, Pinterest

Friday, July 16

{Stone & Swag}

...gorgeous stone necklaces & swagged purses from Trust Fun...

{Hang It Up}

Hangers that work as wall art & a functional piece to hold your street finds.
What more could a Street Hanger need?!
Thank you, Normann Copenhagen!

Thursday, July 15

{Swedish Lines & Color}

Graphic designers, Edholm Ullenius, have for an array of clients, but these bold lines & colors are part of their collaboration with IKEA. Another reason to love the Swedes!

{Strike a Picture}

This photo was taken by a cool chick from Sweden & owner of all these cameras, graphic design student, Hilda Grahnat.
Check out all her self-shot photos here!

{Bike's Peak}

In lieu of the summer days & Tour de France, here's a few pretty & practical (and not so practical) accessories for your bike.

Like the gear: Snake bike lock, Pylones; Sweetheart saddle, Electra; Orchid bicycle bell, Pylones; Bird reflective pin, Po Campo; Basket, Electra; Bike rack, Emmo Home; Colorful bike bells, Mirrycle

Wednesday, July 14

{Heart's a Flutter}

{ heart}
We want you to have's heart. It's bedazzled with sequins and each are backed with a dual hair clip/brooch so they can be worn in your hair or as a pin.
Put it on your favorite tote, on a pair of jeans, or over your own heart.

Tuesday, July 13

{Christian's Color}

How Christian Dior does couture color...

{Lovely Feathers}

 Love bird earrings & ring by Joanna Rutter
Just makes your heart sing

{A Different View}

cool & interesting architectural pieces from Yanko Design

{Folds Fun}

It's incredible what you can do with some paper & elbow grease. These folded pieces by Upon A Fold are a gorgeous way to decorate for parties. The light material makes it easy to hang...& stay up!

{7 < 50}

...A merry-go-round of chic & cheap...
This colorful pin-wheel of flats are all under $50!
You have to make sure you can afford somewhere to show off your buys!

Thursday, July 8

{Message in a Cookie}

Indulge in a treat for your taste buds made just for you!
Message-in-a-Cookie-Cutters from Williams-Sonoma can be customized with your own words by simply arranging the included letter or word stamps to spell out whatever you want to say! Like Creative Comforts says the creative possibilities are endless & delicious!

{Glass Half Flower}

I'd love a glass of lemonade (or sangria!) from this drink dispenser by Elegant Tabletop.
The stainless steel jugs are handpainted with gorgeous flowers.

Tuesday, July 6

{Pocket Full of Pretty}

Poketo, a website dedicated to promoting artists in different design mediums, teamed up with Kitsune Noir (a very cool blogger) for a collection of wallets called Spacetime. These four wallets were designed by Mike Perry, Cody Hudson, Damien Correll, & Andy J. Miller.
{Thanks BOOOOOOOM! for the find}

{Tickled by a Sprinkle of Pink}

 I didn't grow up a fan of the color pink, but recently I've grown to like a sprinkle here & there in my outfits or decor.
It's girly without being Elle from 'Legally Blonde'.
Try a touch of tinkled pink today!
Like the pinks: Bedroom Photograph, Rachel Whiting; Table, Gardenhouse; Stud Earrings, Kate Spade; Lace Doily, Lovely Lovely; Large Bangle, Alexis Bittar; Rain Boots, See by Chloe; Silk Scarf, Prova; Candle, Kate Spade

Monday, July 5

{We Heart It Too}

I specifically blog about design and fashion, but my sweet-tooth couldn't resist posting this delicious (and not too fattening) treat from We Heart It: Skinny Cow ice creams drenched in sprinkles. YUM!

{Birthday Crashing}

Happy Happy Birthday! I have 7 months until my next b-day, but I'll use any excuse to throw a colorful party like these. The Strawberry Delight party from Birthday Girl's blog is so sweet, simple, and delicious. Munchin Tables' Hawaiian themed child's party is perfect for beach-side fun. And an indian infused backyard from Kara's Party Ideas, filled with streamers and poms poms poolside shouts summer.

Sunday, July 4

{Fall into Summer}

Autumn Davidson is a cool mom. She juggles a baby and making beautiful wearable art. These necklaces from her company, Autumn Art, are made from around-the-house objects including a men's tie (right) in the

{Tank You Very Much}

Summer sun calls for sleeveless and sexy!

Friday, July 2

{Friday Favorites}

Happy Friday!
Hope you get the freedom to feel
Pretty n' Patriotic
this weekend!

Like the red, white, blue baubles: Elva Fields