Thursday, October 28

{etsy love}

I am green with envy for this these etsy treats from bayan hippo & yy studio.

{cotton & cuts}

The Snoflake clothes are beautiful and easy. Lovely cotton to walk around town.
But that hair. That hair is amazing. I wish I could...I wish I could.

{woods & golds}

The fun & fantastic design of Oji Masanori.

Thursday, October 21

{Peacock Pretty}

...I want this in a gigantic canvas over my bed...

{Wrap it Up}

Beautiful packaging. The first packaging is perfect. Simple brown-bag wrapping with Japanese masking tape. I love the cherry lollipops & candy striped ribbon. And I adore the pink and chocolate brown combination on the last one. They all combine a funky yet simple detail that makes the wrapping pop.

Wednesday, October 20

{Ask Away, Alice}

Amazing card illustrations by Ask Alice found on the fabulous design files. I would love LOVE stationary!

{Stewart's Sweets}

Oh, Martha. You never cease to indulge my crafty side.
Candy coffins & pumpkin pouches. Yum!

Friday, October 15

{floral sweets}

I don't think baking can get much more divine.
The pedestal, doilies, & baking cups by Talking Tables are brilliant. So feminine & chic.

{dress a line}

Bright stripes on pretty frocks.

{beauty & brains}

The first low-energy light bulb that is also beautiful. The Plumen bulb by Hulger uses 80% less energy and lasts 8 times longer than incandescent bulbs. And to top it off, it's absolutely gorgeous. There's no need for a shade when the bulb is so bright & beautiful. On a side note, how great is this restaurant's decor! Love the earthy feel.

{tea & pigs}

I want to drink tea out of these West Elm animal mugs. I think the reindeer mug is festive for the holidays.
Maybe pumpkin cider or egg nog to really get the fall feel.

Thursday, October 14

{vintage pop}

My favorite kind of spaces always have pops of color in every corner you look. It's like a surprise in every room. You're nto sure where the next bright bauble with show up. These pieces by Reinvented Vintage are perfect examples of displaying color around your home with simple items.

Monday, October 11

{curves of comfort}

Clare Nicolson's intricately designed cards & cushions.  

{spring in snow}

Winter is coming & the beautiful spring flowers will soon be covered in snow...well, at least somewhere far from the tropical climates I live in. We have pretty flowers year round. I love these bouquets from Johner, Ffffound, & truffle girls.

{via heidi ng}

Sunday, October 10

{m is for magazine}

...and p is for paperdoll wood shop.

{umbrella shine}

                  a stained glass window to brighten the rainiest of days.

{art or something like it}

...swirls of chaotic color. I'm fascinated by what people consider art. I'm not sure my father, who has been drawing since he was a child & adores Renaissance artist like Rembrandt & Michelangelo, would consider these pieces by Yago Hortal art. They are intense and, for me, inspiring. They inspire emotion. Color is necessary to life. It would be boring and without desire. I equate color with yearning. I want a red, juicy apple or a beautiful purple dress, or a brilliant blue sky. But I digress...I love these paintings. And I certainly, love my art with 2 sides of color.

Thursday, October 7

{hotel branding}

Claridge’s Luxury Hotel's branding is gorgeous. I love the teal, gold, black, & white color combination. The use of bold patterns on the wrapping paper and pencils are so modern and clean. This beautiful system was designed by Construct, a design boutique in London.

{purses plenty}

Beautiful linen purses in all kinds of colors.

{sitting pretty}

Take a seat in one of these colorful TOJO Design chairs.

Monday, October 4

{twist & turns}

I want to start collecting unique cards. I know plenty of gift-givers who aren't big about card or gift-receivers who chuck cards the minute they open their present, but I've always put plenty of emphasis on my card giving abilities. I love these by fold here. The wiring is so simple, but so unique. And with Halloween around the corner I'm loving this witchy card.

{perched prints}

Catherine Campbell creates beautiful prints of ethereal ladies amidst some feathery sidekicks.
A dash of color & a ton of talent.

Friday, October 1

{modern mobiles}

frazier & wing mobiles are handmade mobiles beautifully crafted from card stock paper in a range of gorgeous colors. The paper is die-cut into a variety of shapes such as circles, hexagons, flowers and more.
So simple & whimsical.

{form of fashion}

Interesting shapes.
I love the poofed sleeves, the ruffled, bright flats, explosive necklace, & the bell lamps.
Different silhouettes for every day items.