Monday, May 31

Walking on Sunshine

Miami Musings
Thanks to Oh Joy for this bright and beautiful photo from the 2006 Skywalkers Project in Miami by Fwy Studios. Blue skies. Multi-colored stripes. Red dots. Perfection.

Friday, May 28

The Essential Man

The Male Essentials. They keep Him comfortable. Light on His feet. Coiffed. Warm bellied.

A watch collection is an essential. The watch is a statement piece. This
Rolex submariner is just that: a special edition made by Swiss maker Blackout Concept. They take a Rolex watch and black it out, technically coat it in black. It's a modern twist on a classic.

Whiskey. The word originates from Gaelic meaning "water of life". For many men, whiskey is the essential drink, their water. A way to unwind. Lagavulin is a single malt Scotch whiskey. Sure to go down smooth.

An iPhone comes in handy to quickly jot down a note, but Paul Smith's collection of Rhodia notebooks are so much more stylish. The collection has four different covers. 'The Camera', shown above, is masculine and quirky.

Keeping His locks tamed, but not cemented to his scalp is important for the well-groomed man. American Crew's pomade has a delicious smell, perfect for when company wants to run their fingers through His hair.

While women sacrifice comfort for style when it comes to their footwear, men seem to get it right. You can have both. They say you never really know a man until you walk in His shoes. Well, He'll want to strut around in these Gucci loafers all day.

Now, raise your glass of whiskey. To comfort and class. Men's essentials.

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!
Hope you have time to feel
Grand in Green
this weekend!

Like the shoes: Christian Louboutin

Like the men's watch: Lacoste

Like the wallpaper: {Decor 8}

Gold Muted

Memorial Day weekend calls for some subtle glam.
Walk around like you dipped yourself is gold.
Like the gold goods: purse Tory Burch; shades Ray-Ban; watch Michael Kors; heels Kate Spade; nail polish NARS

Wednesday, May 26

Hearts of Steel

Strong hearts
Like the concrete heart: DrCraze
Like the silver heart: SLR Adornments

FYF (For Your Fashion): You can find these necklaces on Etsy. Etsy is a website where buyers can purchase unique jewelry, clothes, homegoods, etc. from designers all over the world. Artists and sellers, you can sell your products on Etsy also! Their website says it best: "Our mission is to enable people to make a living making things, and to reconnect makers with buyers." Genius.

Tuesday, May 25

A Spoon Full of Neon

Rather than the traditional set of silverware and dishes, these Huset
are a vibrant alternative.
Fill your cabinets and drawers with neons!

Inspired By...

melting ice cream cone with rainbow sprinkles inspire lovely
dresses that match perfectly with this delicious treat.

Saturday, May 22

Friday, May 21

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!
Hope you have some time to feel
Pretty in Pink
this weekend!

Like the shoes: Vivienne Westwood

Like the shirt: 21Men

Like the kitchen: {At Home in KC}


Piles of cotton t-shirts, sun-faded shorts, denim button-downs, rugged loafers, and plaid dress shirts make for easy casual comfort.

Thursday, May 20

Be My Guest

HOST: Elaine
DREAMS: To create art in all its forms
STYLE: Rainbow Bohemian
MANTRA: Live good. Love good. Look good.

Like the dress: Forever 21

FYF (For Your Fashion): The hair piece was made from craft scraps. Hot glue and flowers can get you far.

Like the shoes: Charlotte Russe

Like the romper: RAVE

FYF (For Your Fashion): Elaine clipped on a flower hair clip to a simple head band to add some flair and flor.

Like the ring: Forever 21

Like the watch: Lucky Brand

Like the necklace: TJ Maxx (I know! Crazy!)

Like the necklace: The Genius that is Betsey Johnson
Like the flower ring: Forever 21

FYF (For Your Fashion): Elaine made the pink ring out of wire. And the buttons on her Forever 21 romper she bought at a craft store and sewed them on herself! Oh so crafty!

A big THANK YOU to Elaine for giving us a peek into her eclectic closet!

Wednesday, May 19

Dior's Barbies

It's a Barbie World
Christian Dior's Resort 2011 Collection by John Galliano

Momma Knows Best

I have a few vintage pieces in my wardrobe, many taken out of my own personal thrift store: my mother's closet. This YSL blouse acquired in New York City sometime in the 70s is a perfect example of mother always knowing best. Here are a few more reasons:

Two of my favorite bracelets.

Detail of sweetheart dress.

(Designed by my mom. Made by my grandmother. They also know best.)

Swirls and heart.

Blue blouse bliss.

Tuesday, May 18

Fruit Salad

Like the Purses: Kate Spade
FYF (For Your Fashion): I'm a big believer in all things Kate Spade. These bright totes are perfect for summer days.


Spotted out at brunch with my friend, Sofia: a gorgeous, grey fedora.

Like the hat: BCBG

FYF (For Your Fashion): Sofia's topper was a Christmas gift so it might be hard to find, but this
one from BCBGeneration line is economical and fabulous.

You can also head to one of my favorite stores, Target, to find Eugenia Kim's line of affordable hats and more fedora love:

Monday, May 17


Welcome to Street Hanger.

Metropolitan Musings.


Like the dress: H&M Garden Collection

FYF (For Your Fashion): For the South Floridians who, like myself, have to travel far and away to find the cheap chic of H&M, the first SoFl store is coming to The Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens in November. Happy Hunting!