Tuesday, August 31

{indulge in design}

To love me is to love my sweet tooth...sweet teeth is probably more like it. These chocolates by Fling & Dylan's Candy Bar I'm sure are delicious, but even more scrumptious are their packaging. Miller Creative designed Dylan's gorgeous & colorful boxes and graphic designer Anchalee Chambundabongse created Mars Fling Chocolate. Yummy & pretty all wrapped in cocoa.

{on the right foot}

Handmade Golden Ponies oxford flats. Easy to walk in & pretty to spare.

Monday, August 30

{around & round}

...beautiful bib-like necklaces from Lizzie Fortunato's Spring/Summer collection inspired by a voyage to India.

{cedar bottles}

Does it matter what it smells like when your perfume comes in a gorgeous vessel?
NY artist Anicka Yi & architect Maggie Peng created this perfume, Shigenobu Twilight.
The fragrance is inspired by the Fusako Shigenobu, former leader of the Japanese Red Army, who was believed to be in exile in Lebanon for many years.
The wood bottle gives a clue what you'll sniff; the scent uses three different kinds of cedar wood as its base note which is highly regarded in Lebanon as a national emblem.
You can buy this historically inspired beauty at the ooga booga store!


I heart these mini wallets. Perfect for a few bucks & my credit cards.
The heart clasps are the signature of LuLA by Angelica Cota.
I'm also loving the brown satchel. This lovely lady has a fashionable eye & a heart to match!

{How does your garden grow?}

Summer nights will soon be over. But you can have a backyard to envy by using some ideas from Living Etc.
The site has hundreds of pictures with gorgeous, easy decorating ideas for every room in your home.
These are some of my dream backyard escapes: an outside bed, a swing, & oodles of candles.

{Book Club}

Reading is a luxury I love to indulge in. I (yet again) picked up a book I adore: The Great Gatsby. It takes me back to an era of glamour & grace. Everything was sleek & sexy, at least it reads that way in F. Scott Fitzgerald's masterpiece. I love this specially bound edition by Coralie Bickford-Smith. And the famous last lines read so beautifully in gold & white as if they were always meant to: "So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past."

Sunday, August 29

{cool clutch}

Marimekko, an NYC upper east side store, has a wonderful online shop to pick up pretty jewelry, clothes, accessories. I fell in love with these clutches. The flap looks like a doile. So chic & different.

{street color}

...incredible photos from Jak & Jil, a blog dedicated to photographing the streets of New York & the Hangers that live fashionably fabulous lives there.

{drip drop}

The lovely ladies of Mitchell & Dent create hand made letterpress artwork, greetings, custom stationary, and invitations. I love these Spring prints of watercolors over paper & ink.

Thursday, August 26

{golden splash}

An inside pool with gold couches, bright lights, & cocktails feet away...THIS is a vacation.
{swimming pool & bar at the Haymarket Hotel in London}

{poignant folds}

Origami flowers made with patterned paper last forever so I won't have to refill my vases every week with these from Tangle & Fold. I made 30 origami cranes for a class. Everyone was so impressed & grateful. Folded paper. Who would have thought? Sometimes it really is the small things that make all the difference.


Every angle of this Tsumori Chisato print skirt is perfection. Oh, chiffon.
How lovely you are drapped over silk in blue & pink floral patterns. {sigh}

{kate's kandy}

Multi-colored treasures from Kate Spade.
I can always count on her for sparkly, frilly, girly, lovely pieces to dress up any outfit or home.

{Pass a plate, please.}

I'd eat slugs (well, maybe not slugs) off of these gorgeous plates & bowls.
The pretty plateware is all from Anthropologie.

Tuesday, August 24

{tears of joy}

Shed a tear for pure pretty. These are hand blown glass tears by Esque.
Makes your walls happy by making them cry. Thank you, Oh Joy!

Monday, August 23

{canisters of color}

...a bit of color on a white canvas.

{street art}

This lovely patch of flowers was created by Pete Dungey as part of his art installations. He builds beautiful gardens in ugly pot holes. He describes them as a series of public installations highlighting the problem of surface imperfections on Britain's roads. I describe them as forests in the road.

{stripe wood}

A truly creative & colorful idea...paint driftwood!
Now I just need to find some in Miami...

{via Bekka Palmer from re-nest}


Beads, beads, beads by brokenfab!

Wednesday, August 18

{sweet tree dreams}

You're just rising & shining if you're on my side of the world. How sweet would it be to wake up in this earthy bed. It's like an adult tree house.
Beautiful dreams await...

Tuesday, August 17

{If you like it...}

...bejeweled rings by Spool No. 72...

{frugal vs pricey)

I found high & low priced items to assemble an ensemble I would gravel for. I typical gravitate toward the penny-pinching outfits, but once in a while I splurge on something I know is either unique or I can take long distances which will never go 'out of style'. This dress is a fashion find! Topshop leopard print for $50! The necklace and cuff are bold & bright pieces that are a bit pricey depending on your budget. But at $74 for the K. Amato necklace & $87 for the Yochi cuff, it's money worth spending for unique peices. The Michael Kors clutch is a closet staple. You need a black going out purse & this one fits the bill, literally, for $170. A black strappy heel is also a must...maybe not this particular one if you need to pay the electricity bill this month. I just had to showcase these gorgeous $950 pair of Jimmy Choo's. (sigh) Happy bargain shopping!

{meow mouth}

kitty kisses lipstick by Paul & Joe

{via seesaw}

{White Winner}

Amy Atlas is an event planning queen! Plenty of colorful posts to go around on Street Hanger so I gravitated toward this white-washed party. Every thing is clean & yummy!

{color copy}

Stand out prints by Tauba Auerbach.
(Tip: check out their main website. A very interesting way of showcasing their topography fixation)

{love & every thing after}

I've never thought much about my wedding: the decor, the cake, the dress, guest list, photographer...It all sounds exhausting to me. But THIS wedding...This magical, colorful festival of love is just...perfect. 100 Layer Cake is the best wedding blog around. It showcases real D-I-Y weddings like Eunice & Daniel's. (By the way-their wedding is perfect because it just so happens Eunice is the creative director of Hello!Lucky) I'm loving this quirky couple & every layer of cake!

Wednesday, August 11

{House of Cups}

This is a lesson in arranging cups. Nina & Helmut create new uses for their overflow of vintage pieces. She has over 60 different vintage chairs! But I especially love the interesting ways they found to display their cup collection. A curtain made out of cups! Genius!

I found this unique & creative couple on IKEA Live. It's a site from the Swedish furniture maker that gives you oodles of ideas on how to make your house a home. The best part is that all the designs showcased are from real people using IKEA furniture in unique ways! Love it!


Coolest couple. These two love birds, Max & Margaux, got a photo booth for their wedding. Their guests snapped some fun pictures (props & all) during their special day. Yay for Smilebooth! And of course, 100 Layer Cake for introducing us to this adorable couple.