Friday, November 26

{Trust Fun}

The colorful creations of TRU$T FUN.

{Lavin loves H&M}

The brilliance of Lanvin is coming to H&M. The Swedish affordable design company has commissioned the gorgeous designer Lanvin to create a collection which debuted November 23rd. Yippie!

Monday, November 22

{Chocolate Editions}

These Chocolate Editions bars look silky, creamy, & absolutely delicious!
They are the yummy creation of MaMary & Matt. Now how do I get my hands on that neapolitan!

{For the love of logos}

Only in recent years have I discovered the brilliance of a good beer. I'm not referring to the domestic brews that will remain nameless. I'm talking about the international drafts that are created with years of an artisan craft. I hope the taste of Freetail Brewing Co. beers is as delicious as the logo designs.

{ can do}

I got an e-mail last week from the lovely ladies of Along with their fabulous hairpieces & brooches, they're now selling chic clip-ons for your shoes! Fancy footwear! Love it!

Sunday, November 21

{Blandine Beautiful}

The incredibly colorful jewelry of Blandine Bardeau.
It reminds me of sophisticated and much more intricate jewelry
I use to made with rubber wire when I was a kid.
So unique & bold!

{Hairy Sock}

Interesting baubles & brooches from Hairy Sock. Truly unique, tiny pieces of wearable art.

Tuesday, November 16

{one of a kind}

I am obsessed with this cake. It's flawless and just so pretty. How dare anyone cut into it?! But I bet it's yummy too. Bakerella is an amazing, you guessed it, baker! And if you want to be a culinary goddess too check out the recipe here!

{ice, ice babes}

I can't wait to bring out my winter wear. If you're wondering why I haven't already in mid-November, I live in sunny South Florida. So winter is a cool breeze on the ocean most of the time. But when the cooler climates finally do roll around I will be ready with my scarfs & hats & colorful stockings! Yay! And these wintry wonderful outfits are just the ticket.

Friday, November 12

{silver script}

A Finnish jewelry desighner, sannanuutinen, uses words to express her design point-of-view.
My favorite is that 'no diamond' ring. Perfect and pretty.

{a beige beauty}

Tans & beiges make a easy ensemble...with a bit of studs & edge.
{shoes, necklace, jeans, shirt, sweater, purse}

Thursday, November 11

{a fashionable icon}

Christine Centenera is the Rachel Zoe of Australia & the fashion editor of the country's Harper's Bazaar. So it's no wonder she dresses with impeccable taste. If I had the endless supply of gorgeous clothes to choose from, this would be EXACTLY how I would dress. Funky, classy, tailored, but relaxed. Love it!

Wednesday, November 10

{a summer's collection}

Winter isn't even here yet & I'm talking about summer?! Well, I do live is lovely tropical weather, but I think whether you're wrapped in a peacock coat or not , you can appreciate (and long for) hui-hui's 2011 summer collection.

{a slice of cake}

These incredible photos are from the magazine Cake.
It's an eclectic mag with a very indie feel.
These pictures in particular reminded me of artist Frida Kahlo.

{sexy shots}

These eerie and gorgeous shots are from Hopeless Lingerie.
Exquisite lingerie that would make anyone feel sexy.

Monday, November 8

{lines rule}

Straightly put...these lines are cool.

{via greedy girl}

{the brightest dinner}

Beautiful & very colorful lighting by DigsDigs.

{bright & burst}

Not only are these paintings colorful & powerful, but they are incredibly creative. Those "bursts" are from exploding pens. From the masterful mind of Shane McAdams.

Friday, November 5