Wednesday, June 23

Be My Guest

Host: Alexa
Location: Little Havana
Dreams: Succeed in my creative passions
Style: Conservative funk
Mantra: True bliss is achieved when work becomes play and play becomes your work.

FYF (For Your Fashion): Alexa bought her earrings and dress at a boutique. You can always peruse for unique finds.

Like the shoes: Macy's

Like the romper: Macy's

Like the shoes: Bakers

Like the purse (matches the shoes): Bakers

Like the skirt: Forever 21
Like the shoes: Jessica Simpson at Macy's

Like the shoes: Macy's

Like the dress: Macy's

A big THANK YOU to Alexa for giving us a peek inside her classy closet!


Maria said...

I'll have a ..."Havana to Go"....please...

Myriam said...


Yo quiero jugar DOMINO!!!!!!

Tom Ford said...

Who is that super fabulous, super sophisticated-looking model? I have a show in Milan that is perfect for her!