Friday, May 28

The Essential Man

The Male Essentials. They keep Him comfortable. Light on His feet. Coiffed. Warm bellied.

A watch collection is an essential. The watch is a statement piece. This
Rolex submariner is just that: a special edition made by Swiss maker Blackout Concept. They take a Rolex watch and black it out, technically coat it in black. It's a modern twist on a classic.

Whiskey. The word originates from Gaelic meaning "water of life". For many men, whiskey is the essential drink, their water. A way to unwind. Lagavulin is a single malt Scotch whiskey. Sure to go down smooth.

An iPhone comes in handy to quickly jot down a note, but Paul Smith's collection of Rhodia notebooks are so much more stylish. The collection has four different covers. 'The Camera', shown above, is masculine and quirky.

Keeping His locks tamed, but not cemented to his scalp is important for the well-groomed man. American Crew's pomade has a delicious smell, perfect for when company wants to run their fingers through His hair.

While women sacrifice comfort for style when it comes to their footwear, men seem to get it right. You can have both. They say you never really know a man until you walk in His shoes. Well, He'll want to strut around in these Gucci loafers all day.

Now, raise your glass of whiskey. To comfort and class. Men's essentials.

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